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Live Event Painting

Capture the beauty of your wedding day on canvas with our Live Event Painting.

Our wedding artists create a LIVE painting during your wedding ceremony or reception for you and your guests to enjoy.

A live event painting not only adds an entertaining and unique touch to your wedding, but is also a gift to be treasured for generations.

What is a Live Wedding Painting?

Our artists, will create a live painting during your wedding ceremony or reception for you and your guests to enjoy. The subject and scene of the painting is decided well before the day of. The first dance is the most popular choice, but we are always happy to consult with you if you have a different vision in mind.

On the day of the wedding, our artist paints at her easel as wedding guests arrive to the ceremony or reception and continue painting throughout the wedding. The painting is actually being done LIVE at the wedding, so that you and your guests can walk by and be amazed by each brush stroke.

Canvas Size copy.JPEG

These are our most popular sizes. For pricing and other canvas sizes, please contact us.

Travel fees will apply to weddings outside of the New Orleans metropolitan area.

Our artists also paint at parties, company functions, grand openings, AND MORE!
Has Your Wedding or Event Already Passed, but You Still Want a Painting?

You are in luck! If you have the perfect photo from your wedding or event that you wish would have been captured on canvas, you can send us that photo and our artist will paint it as if she was there. Please contact us for pricing.

Giclée Prints Make Amazing Wedding Gifts for Family Members!

We offer high quality reproduction prints of your final painting in various sizes! Here's how it works: We would need to keep the original final painting after the wedding so it can be properly scanned and copied. Once that is complete, the reproduction(s) can be made. The entire process can take between 2-4 weeks from the date of the wedding to get the original and reproduction(s) back to the bride and groom. It's also important to note that although the original painting will have texture, the reproduction(s) will not as they are printed flat. If interested, please contact us for pricing!

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