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Corporate Photography

We like to keep it simple, yet elegant.

Vieux Carré Events is no stranger to corporate events, trade shows, holiday parties, & company functions in New Orleans.


Our photographers have a solid technical background in film/digital photography as well as lighting theories.


We strive to deliver images that capture the spirit of each moment with a unique artistic style.

Rate & Details
Hourly rate of $150/photographer (2 hour minimum)

Time Scheduled For Photographer(s)

All Travel Expenses Within The New Orleans Metropolitan Area

Travel fees may apply to outside areas

Shot Digitally In High-Resolution

All Photos Will Be Classically Edited

We Will Deliver Your Photos Via Download Link

Our photographers have photographed and serviced trade shows, corporate events, weddings, sporting events, and more!

We have worked with large national/global corporations as well as smaller local companies, and have years of experience in helping event planners.

Our professional event photographers will make your next event special and worry-free.

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Rate & Details
Hourly rate of $225/videographer

Time Scheduled For Videographer(s)

All Travel Expenses Within The New Orleans Metropolitan Area

Travel fees may apply to outside areas

Shot In Crystal Clear HD (1080p)

Professionally Edited

Please contact us for special quote for editing needs

We are a small team of cinematographers and editors that have over 10 years of experience in film.


We love telling a unique story in each video by blending our cinematic style with our creative music selection.

Corporate Videography

We like to keep it simple, yet elegant.

Let us produce the perfect HD video for your special occasion, corporate event, trade show, or promotional video.

Using state of the art filming equipment and top of the line editing software, we can create captivating videos. 

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